The essence of the French brand Goemaï is applying technical fabrics to high-end fashion silhouettes. Belgian designer Inès Martens introduced very early an alternative to neoprene into the fashion sphere in 2009.

Advertiser and as a dance fan , Inès Martens decided at her arrival in Paris to create a feminin and luxurious sportive brand for women. She noticed that sportive well cut and feminin apparel was missing on the market.

In collaboration with some textile industries she tested neoprene’s rubber replacement by another softer and lighter multilayered material. The edge to edge knitting work is a demanding technique and collections are produced in sharp and dedicated ateliers in France. 

The aesthetic of the brand signature is strongly  influenced by scuba’n surf style. Goemaï unique vests and jackets from the Urban Surf collection bring an instant allure to women. Unexpected, they are functional and clearly influenced by the epured touch of Belgian minimalism. The overall feel is edgy and urban, yet feminine and classic.

"Goemaï fans are delighted to look sexy while they are yachting, surfing, paddling and swimming and feel comfortably protected from the wind, chilly water and jellyfishes".