Our collection of long sleeves women's neoprene jackets is a scuba inspired, sportive yet feminine luxury clothing line.
A design approach with a structured cut that brings out feminine silhouettes in a colourfull fashion and lets you wear your jacket as urban wear just as sports wear.
Made to offer both a stylish and sexy look while retaining the technical properties of neoprene, our designer wetsuit jackets will keep you warm, protect you from the wind, and become a new essential piece of your wardrobe.
All our Jackets are handmade in our workshop in France with an exclusive 3D layered fabric with unique softness and lightness for additional comfort and ease of movement.


Women's green neoprene wetsuit Jacket - Victoire Green
Women's green neoprene wetsuit Jacket - Victoire Green
Women's Coral Neoprene Jacket with White borders - Baga Coral
Women's Soft Coral Luxury Neoprene Jacket - Milan
Golden White
Women's Riva Green hooded neoprene raincoat - Lila
Women's Navy Blue luxury neoprene jacket - Lola
Women's Ocean Green Luxury neoprene jacket - Ocean
Women's Blue neoprene jacket with Navy borders - Rome
Women's Navy Blue luxury neoprene Wetstuit jacket - Golden blue
Women's Blue Gray Neoprene Ski jacket with Velvet borders - Gaby
Women's Royal Blue light neoprene jacket with white borders - Venise
Women's Navy Blue light Neoprene Jacket - Prague
Women's Light yellow neoprene jacket - Baga Yellow
Women's Neoprene Ivory Jacket with large Hood - Charlotte
Navy Blue, Black and White women's Neoprene Jacket - Chiquita
Women's Black Neoprene jacket with silver zips - Baga Biarritz
Women's Sky Blue 3D soft neoprene jacket - Baga Sky Blue
Women's Soft 3D Corail Neoprene Jacket - Deauville
Women's Black Neoprene Vest with Navy Blue stretch velvet borders - Sylviane - Goemai